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Stepping up to a new plate

Special Education teacher John Corbin leads varsity team

by Riley Wilkinson

This year the varsity baseball team recruited a new coach and the team has swung into action. The team has had various coaches throughout the years, however, coming from a head coaching job at Warhill High School in Williamsburg, coach John Corbin plans to make his stay at the school worthwhile.
“[The job] was just a better opportunity from the previous school that I was at, and I heard good things from some of the teachers here that I’ve been previous friends with,” Corbin said.
According to Corbin, he had interviews with both principal Dr. John Wheeler and Director of Student Activities Ryan Molloy to become a special education teacher and head baseball coach.  “He expressed interest in the [coaching] position,” Molloy said. “Also the fact that he was interested in a teaching position in the building as well [was why he was recruited]. All of these factors led Coach [Corbin] to be the right choice and the right candidate to take over the varsity baseball program.”
Corbin has been involved with baseball since his childhood.  “I’ve played [baseball] probably since I was six years old,” Corbin said. “I played at Lafayette High School in Williamsburg and then went to Christopher Newport and played four years of baseball there. This is my third year as a head coach.”

According to senior left fielder Jack Cecil, who has been on the varsity C7aVaFqWkAAS6q5team for two years, the players have become accustomed to having a new coach on the field.  “I think [the team has] really adapted well,” Cecil said. “I think we’ve all molded into his philosophy of what he wants out of us as players. I believe we are going to have a good season under him.”

Junior pitcher John Kish prefers Corbin’s coaching over his previous coach at Cosby High School.  “He’s more of a player than a coach so he knows what to say and can get you on the right track and keep you going,” Kish said.
Aside from being a coach on the field, Corbin is also a life coach to his players as well.  “A lot of times I’ll talk to players one on one about their academics or where they want to go to college,” Corbin said. “ [My tips are] just little things that will help them be better people when they leave [the school].”     In the end, Corbin wants his players to give their best effort.  “[My goal is] getting the team to perform above their capability,” Corbin said.